The Eight Million Pounds NHS Project for Harvesting the Medical files of Thousands of Patients has now been Scrapped

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Ministers currently are cutting off a scheme for harvesting the personal files of
thousands of patients. This news comes as a big victory for the Mail that had previously
cautioned that this drive was a serious threat as it invaded people’s privacy. Set up in
the year 2014, the project named targeted in bringing out details each and
every patient’s GP file which includes a data of prior illnesses, minor surgeries as well
as medications.
Ministers are now cutting off the most debated program of harvesting peoples’ personal
files. The announcement is a victory for many groups that had previously given warning
that there is a risk of these groups invading into the personal information. Launched in
2014, the project planned to take off information from all the patients’ files
which included the records of their illness in the past. Officials planned to upload it on a
big sized database where it would be verified by the researchers as well as the private
companies, with an intention of making the care better. But, some of the senior doctors
as well as the campaigners had a fear that this information will be sent to the insurance
firms or may even be leaked on the net. They felt that the only way these patients could
stop their information from being spread was by taking a special request with the GP.
The Government had in the beginning intended to start bringing out the data from the
year 2014, however it was put on a standstill in spite of major concern from the medical
professionals. Later on Mr George Freeman, the Life Sciences Minister, had announced
that the complete project has been written off. This came in as a major relief for a lot of
This decision has a 9 month review on the NHS’s handling of the patients’ information
by Dame Fiona Caldicott. This actually showed how the staff of NHS is leaving the
medical files in the café or in the trains or also sending mails to absolute strangers. Mr
Freeman stated that as per the recommendation from Dame Fiona, NHS England had
made the decision on closing the scheme. But, the Health and care system
along with the Government are now committed to identify the advantages of sharing the
information as a major part of improvising the patients’ outcome.

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